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About Vintage Jewelry

Here we are going to introduce some commonly seen vintage jewelry style/vintage jewelry techniques/ vintage jewelry brand that you should know about. 

Share vintage jewelry story, vintage jewelry brand history and appreciate the beauty of the old craftsmanship.


"The grand sculptures in Ancient Greek temples are far away from us, but we can keep the exquisite Cameo accessories instead."

Cameo , one of most popular vintage jewelry style of all time, is originally an decorative ornament hand-carved on stone, shell, coral, ivory, lava in the old ancient time. With the advanced technology, figural profile/floral/birds , etc on molded plastic or glass could also be considered as cameo in vintage jewelry. The anicent jewelry technique was originated from Italy and become fashionable among the upper class of Europe in 19th century as cameos were a sign of wealth and privilege. Landscapes and Greek mythology are the main themes of Cameo, portrait is also the most common motif on antique cameo jewelry from Victorian era. Every genuine cameo is unique because of the various colors of shell or glass.

Today, cameo is still a timeless work of art that should be added to your vintage jewelry collection!

Austrian Petite Needlepoint

Thanks to Empress Maria Theresia(1717-1780), Petite Point, a complicated type of embroidery stitch, became very popular in Austria, especially among the aristocratic ladies during the Rococo period. Petite Point means “Little Point” because only little points can be seen (72-968 stitches on per cm2 ), therefore you can imagine how delicate it is. The harmony of the colours is obtained by silk threads of hundreds of different colour shades.

You can find Petite Point on small portraits, elegant handbags or even vintage jewelry, let these art pieces bring you back to the good old days in Vienna!

Popular Vintage Jewelry Brand

Crown Trifari/Trifari

In 1937, Trifari, an American jewellery company, adopted Alfred Philippe’s idea of using crown pattern as the symbol of the brand. Between the 30s and 60s, countless of crown shape collections were launched and the “CROWN TRIFARI” series that many were obsessed with. 

Crown symbols power and status along with imposing manner. Trifari chose to use it on costume jewelry. Along with superb quality of handcraft, some designs are embellished with colourful imitation gems, while some are inlaid with crystals to make it eye-catching. Compared to luxurious jewelry, this reflects the idea and philosophy of the designer. The brooch launched in 1953, for celebrating the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was the signature of the brand’s design.


Popular Vintage Jewelry Brand

Sarah Coventry

If you are obsessed with classic style, Sarah Coventry’s jewelry must not be missed.

Sarah Coventry (1949-1984) was founded in 1949 by Charles Stuart, who named his company after his granddaughter. Stuart selected eye-catching designs from potential freelancers, and produced affordable jewelry to attract the grassroots and housewives, the jewelry was sold in house parties rather than department stores. During the 50s to 60s, Sarah Coventry advertised its products by using “for the woman who dares to be different” as the slogan. Although the brand was closed in 1984, this brand is still prevalent in the vintage jewelry category.

Popular Vintage Jewelry Brand

Coro Coro

(1901-1979) was another famous vintage jewelry manufacturer in US. In 1901, Emanuel Cohen and Gerald Rosenberg found the company in New York, and the name “Coro" was adopted in 1943. Coro earned the reputation thanks to the creative designs.


Popular Vintage Jewelry Brand


Well known for its perfume,cosmetics and costume jewelry among ladies nowadays, Avon, in fact, started out as a publishing company. In the late 19th century, David.H.McConnell gave away perfumes with book to boost the sales and, interestingly, perfume's popularity outgrew the book business. His son told over the business in 1939 and re-branded the company as “Avon”. Until the late 60s, Avon designed glass bottles of perfume in car shape, which is still a hot product in the antique market. Avon's jewelry business reached its peak in the 1970s and it remains a popular vintage jewelry brand among collectors.

Popular Vintage Jewelry Brand


Without using luxurious diamonds and gold, Eisenberg jewelry drew vintage jewelry lovers’ attention because of its fashionable and classic designs. However, it had been a complete unknown clothing company in 1910s.

Their jewelry was initially used to decorate the clothing to attract customers. Unexpectedly, the good-looking jewelry was always getting stolen because it was more attractive than the clothing. Therefore, Eisenberg began producing jewelry and abandoned its clothing line in 1958.

“Eisenberg Ice” in block letters was used from 1941 to 1958 as the trademark, and “Eisenberg Sterling” was stamped on silver pieces made from 1943 to 1948. The most collectible items are those made of Swarovski crystals and colored stones, not only the Art Deco style pins but also the adorable designs such as ballerina and Christmas tree, are still timeless and elegant today.