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Femme Libérée– Recreation of an elegant vintage style of the good old times

“Dress like Dior, think like Chanel”, this is the ultimate message of Femme Libérée wishing to deliver to the wearers.  


1920s was a memento remarking a significant development of women fashion (and so did the women’s right) entering the modern era.  After decades and decades of rigid Victorian style, women were finally set free from the suffocating corsets and petticoats,plus, for the first time in history, the hemline rose to the unprecedented level- women’s ankles and calves were exposed in public!


Short bobbed hair, drop waist, flat chest and mid-calves hemline altogether make the flapper silhouette. This Roaring 20s look is undoubtedly one of the most beloved vintage styles of all time. This significant fashion movement wouldn’t be a success without Madame Chanel. She was a pioneering designer of the period who created and popularized a more casual silhouette allowing women dressed in a way with freedom of movement, like a sporty style as we know today. Her design was considered as rebellious and wild back to a decade ago, as she challenged how the society defines femininity and beauty. But today, Coco Chanel is an icon of timeless classic and this wonderful vintage style celebrates a milestone of female liberation.

During the Second World War, women were encouraged to take up a role in the society when the men went to the front line fighting for their countries. Of course, after tasting the fun of being at work and the satisfaction of making themselves useful, women didn’t want to hide in the kitchens anymore.


In the same year as the war ended, Mr. Christian Dior stunned the world by introducing the “New Look”, another remarkable vintage style of all time. This hourglass silhouette with a wasp waist contradicted Chanel’s boyish style. There was a rumor that Chanel disliked Dior because she believed this hourglass silhouette would be a restraint on women, dragging the women liberation development backwards.


Fast forward to the 21st century, women nowadays work as hard as men, even though there is still plenty of room to improve on the equality of wage, women are enjoying a liberated era.


Profoundly fascinated by both the avant garde liberation in the 1920s and the post-war splendid “New Look”, I, as an elegant vintage style lover, asked myself a question: Can a sophisticated feminine look go hand in hand with female liberation? The answer is YES. Witnessing the dress-down culture takes a lead in the world, here, in Femme Libérée,on the contrary, we make our every attempt to re-create glamorous vintage style clothing with a cozy structure, so a woman can enjoy dressing up in an elegant look, while feeling unrestricted, whether she is going to work or treating herself a nice dinner.

After this brief lesson of fashion history, I hope you will understand more about the philosophy behind Femme Libérée. Let’s celebrate female liberation and elegant style together!




This elegant collection is inspired by the glamorous 1950s Hollywood style with a signature “sweetheart”neckline.


Here are some key featuresof the dress:

-Tea Length for day time occasions or cocktail parties

-1950s signature “sweetheart”neckline

-Elastic band on shoulder to ensure flexibility and comfort

-Sewn in wires on chest to enhance a nice curvy figure

-Pockets on both sides