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Terms and Conditions

Delivery, Terms and Conditions

1.    Delivery & Shipping
We offer free delivery in Hong Kong, To Mainland China/Macau and over 20 overseas countries. We make every effort to ship items out in 2 business days after payment has been received.

       Hong Kong / Macau / Taiwan orders will be shipped by SF Express; orders from mainland China will be delivered via Mainland Courier Companies; overseas orders will be sent via Hong Kong Post's E-Express service. For details, please visit their website.

       After order is dispatched, we will provide tracking number for your convenience. If there is a problem in transit, including loss or damage, the compensation of the goods will be the responsibility of the delivery company. Please check with us about your product insurance or ask for an insurance coverage upgrade.  Generally speaking, the insurance coverage of Hong Kong Post would be hk$300 while courier company will carry their own valuation policy.

2.    Return & Refund
No refund or exchange in general. However, we will try our best to resolve the problem to ensure your satisfactory. If you are not satisfied with the products, please email to

3.    Product Information:
There is no bible for every single vintage item. The era and origin are judged by experienced vintage dealers with their expertise and experience. We do not hold any responsibility upon inaccurate estimation. Also,product information such as pricing, availability or shipping time on our site may contains errors or inaccuracies, we reserve the right to update the information without prior notice. Thanks for your understanding. 

4.   Product Condition

      Most of the vintage items we handle are USED second-hand items or some of them are "New Old Inventory" which means an inventory that has never been used. Whether it is a used good or new old inventory, there would be inevitably signs of wear at varying degrees given its age. We will inspect the products before they are sold by different staff to confirm the damage and smudging of the product. As for the coarseness and inaccurateness of the sewn goods, scratches, smudges, and traces of repair all form the unique atmosphere of the Vintage items, we treat them as the characteristics of the USED merchandise.

      In the product description, an item's condition would be described under inspection of naked eyes. Some details such as linings, pockets invisible on these parts, or did not affect the wearing, the use of the text description will be omitted, and be regarded as good. If you are concerned about the damage and dirt, you are welcome to contact us by email, phone, etc. before ordering.

        Vintage1961 takes into account the nature of the product is USED, we have the following criteria to show the product status. Please check the contents carefully.

Excellent Vintage Condition

Goods have traces of years, but scarcely found any stains, damaged parts.

Very Good Vintage Condition

Goods have been used traces, a small amount of stains and damaged parts.

Good Vintage Condition

There are traces of goods used, part of the prominent stains and damaged parts.

Fair Vintage Condition

Goods have been used traces of obvious smudges or damage. In use, wear no problem.

5.    Copyright
We own the copyright of
all the website and blog content.You may not reprint our sources without permission from Vintage1961.

6.    Accuracy of Billing andAccount Information
We reserve the right to refuse any order placed by the same customer account,the same credit card or orders that use the same shipping address. If there are any changes of your order, we may attempt to notify you via e-mail or phone provided at the time the order was made. You agree to provide current, complete and accurate information for all purchases made at our store, so that we can complete your transactions and contact you as needed.

7.   Online Shop
The service of Vintage1961 online store is provide by Shopline. Your data is stored through Shopline’s databases on a secure server behind a firewall. We will not be responsible for any problem caused by the Shopline system.