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About Vintage1961

“An elegant attitude of the good old times” - Vintage1961 offers a wonderfully curated vintage/antique goods and unique handicraft with history, fine quality& exquisite design in a nostalgic European styleLocated at a quiet corner in a popular shopping area in Hong Kong, customers can spend a few hours discover in gold treasures sourced worldwide, ranging from jewelry, clothing, handbags, headpieces and tea sets, etc, all dated back to between 1880s and 1980s.

Vintage1961 online shop provides worldwide delivery to share the vintage passion across the globe. New stock every week.

Our Story

For any classy lady who is fascinated by fashion history, admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the past or simply look for some intricately designed goodies, Vintage1961 is the ideal place to visit and shop while immersing oneself in the European nostalgic atmosphere. 
Longing for the elegant good old times, the shop owner selects all the best timeless products from different countries, like the old handbags from West Germany, silky scarfs from Italy,mosaic accessories from Florence, Art deco jewelry from Czechoslovakia, BoneChina from England or even well-fitted Japanese vintage clothes for Asian girls, you name it.

Different from modern mass production, vintage/antique goodies were always handmade with fine material and attention to details. You will be surprised by a vintage handbag with its sophisticated, and sometimes tricky, clasp, or an old Japanese blouse with exquisitely matched buttons which you can no longer find in fast fashion. Owning a vintage piece is like holding history in your hand, let it speak of the past.

“Vintage”,or even “Antique” may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be in Vintage1961. Whether you are an experienced collector, a new member to the vintage world or just hunting for your next vintage-themed party, it will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience here. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Hong Kong, Our easy-to-navigate online shop provides worldwide delivery to share the vintage passion across the globe.

“Nostalgic Handicraft” is a newly launched collection featuring artistically hand-made products sourced from worldwide. Unlike massp roduction in the modern age, handmade products preserve the value of craftsmanship and uniqueness. Here you can find mosaic art hand made by Florence craftsmen in an over hundred-year-old workshop, a frozen blossom floral jewelry made of polymer clay by Russian artists, handmade mosaic art.There is no standardization in handicraft, that’s how we love every piece is different and unique.